Program in physics for grades 2-4, the first year

1. The concepts of transformations, linear transformations, and functions. The concepts of coordinates, numerical line. Work with tables and charts in OpenOffice. Charts.
2. Work with papier-mâché.
3. Basics of technical drawing. The concepts of projections, manufacturing accuracy. Work with eDrawings.
4. Creating animated gif files.
5. Instruments for radio engineering: work with a soldering iron. Making the simplest radio circuits with LED.
6. Work with mechanical tools. Calipers. Nonius scale.
7. Making a crossbow for launching rockets. Experiments on rocket aerodynamics.
8. The concept of mass, weight and center of gravity.
9. Work with a digital microscope. The study of seed germination.
10. The simplest pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms. Pneumatic mechanisms with remote control.
11. Launching a hot air balloon.
12. Analytical and graphical solution of linear equations
13. Programming:
- Linear transformations.
- Periodic phenomena.
- The Nonius scale simulation.
- Finding the optimal passage of the racetrack in the game "Racing".
- Programming translation and rotation of objects.
- The first programs in Basic.