The modern world is impossible without the achievements of science and technology that surround us at home, at school, at work. Our goal is to help children master these achievements. This will help them not only enter the fascinating world of the natural sciences, but also, we hope, to find their calling, to make the right choice of their future profession, which will be most interesting for them.

Although we invite children to study physics from the age of 8, we still do not set age limits. It is possible to begin classes in physics from an earlier and from a later age. The main thing is not the age, but the ability of the student to grasp new information. Therefore, if a student quickly masters the material, he then moves quickly  to a new, more complex level. Therefore, we are devoting in our program one of the main places for the development of a child’s motivation, which is largely determined by his general culture: his world vision, his spiritual world, his associative thinking, and the level of his logical apparatus.

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